Ulsan H3 Protocol

Know your limitations!

Any Hash that might be too strenuous for some participants will usually be split into "walk" and "run" trails by the Hares. On such occasions, it is every individual's responsibility to stay within his or her own limits to avoid risking injury and/or unnecessarily inconveniencing others (by causing undue delays etc.) 
Additionally, however, the Hares' decision as to which trail is most suitable for individual Hares should be respected.

The Circle and Down Down

The circle is held at the end of most runs (not always a true circle, but that’s immaterial). This is when Hash Business is discussed, including the following week’s run plans, etc.
It can also be a precursor to or follower of the Down Down, when the Grand Master will recognize/ or penalize the Hares, Newcomer’s (Hash Virgins), Visitors, and Sinners. (the latter open to nomination by any member of the circle). Penalties can vary, but usually involve at least a “Down Down” of beer, water or soft drinks – to the accompanying “Down Down” song.
Another important element of the Circle/Down Down is “naming”, usually an irreverent Hash name given by mutual consent by a fellow Hasher


This is a revered item in the UH3 inventory. As such it can only be opened after a run, not before (except by the Hashbrew for counting, icing, and/or replenishment purposes).
It is every Hashers' personal responsibility to carry sufficient water for the run, so anyone denying the non-beer drinkers they only source of apres run refershment, will do so at their own risk!
Further, "take-aways" are similarly frowned upon. If you can't drink or eat whilst in the company of fellow Hashers, then please leave it for others to consume

Silent running

Silent running is a sin, punishable at the Down Down
Hash is not a competition – the idea is for everyone to help each other, thus enjoying some camaraderie which can be continued at the Circle, Down Down and afterwards.
FRB’s (Front Running Bastards) should help those behind by shouting “on on” whenever they pick up a trail – particular after a checkpoint where there may be many possibilities. Similarly, those behind the FRB’s should shout “on on” so the FRB’s will know everyone’s following safely, and so those at the end can be encourage that they are on the right trail. Effective use of the “on on” communication signal also help to minimize time spent looking for lost Hashers, thus helping the Down Down to proceed without undue delay.