Tuesday, October 26, 2004

435th Ulsan HASH

The 435th Hash leaves from outside the Foreigners Compound Clubhouse at 10 am Sunday 7th November.

Please arrive early enough allow time for registration with “Hash Cash” prior to departure. The Hares will be “Surfing Queen” and “Ulssan” The sustenance will be provided by freshly married “Lay Me” and “Can Do”

Those people whom enjoyed their first HASH at the 2004 Grand Ulsan Hash last week are most welcome to join us for more fun in the countryside.

Families especially are welcomed.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Run 434- Great Ulsan Hash

The 434th Hash is the "The Great Ulsan Hash" in conjunction with the HHI Autumn Gathering. Take the HHI supplied transportation from outside the Foreigners Compound at 11:20 am on Saturday 23rd October.

Please register with "Hash Cash" to record your run, prior to the run on site at 13:30. The Hares will be "Snake","Can Do", "Roo" "Mr Chips" and "Say no More".
HHI will be providing the sustenance at the "ON ON" location.

All Ulsan HHH members are asked to support the run and help as requested to make this a success for the pre-registered 250 runners, many whom are Hash Virgins. A large circle is expected, with all in great singing voices!

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

433rd Hash October 10th

The 433rd Hash leaves from outside the Foreigners Compound Clubhouse at the Winter time start time of 10 am on Sunday 10th October

Please arrive early enough to allow time for registration with "Hash Cash" prior to departure. "Roo"will be away so "Snake" will be Hash Cash. The Hares will be "Lay Me" & "Can Do".
"Ulssan " & "Surfing Queen" shall provide the sustenance

All welcome, especially newcomers to the compound or Ulsan. Come for a walk / run through the local countryside and enjoy the social gathering afterwards. Families especially welcomed.

Note: The 2004 Ulsan Grand Hash will now be held on Saturday 23rd October as run Number 434. Please use sign up sheet on clubhouse notice board by 4th October for pre-registration if you have not already done so at HHI.
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