Thursday, July 17, 2003

401st Run

The 401st Hash leaves from outside the Foreigners Compound Clubhouse at 9am Sunday, July 20th.

Please arrive early enough allow time for registration with “Hash Cash” prior to departure.

The Hare will be Roo. The sustenance will be provided from Portuguese Handpump's catering supplies. Help is required to prepare, please phone Roo at 011-9529-2907 if you can help.

Hares and Sustenance providers are also required for August runs. Please see Roo or Snake at the runs to volunteer.

OF NOTE: The H3 have now bought a Gas BBQ, for use during the summer.

Monday, July 07, 2003

400th Run

The 400th Ulsan Hash was celebrated in great style on Sunday July 6th. Over 70 runners took part on the formal 400th run, despite pouring rain. Thanks to Rigid, Propane, Kim as Hares. A very special thanks to Portuguese Handpump for the wonderful food that was really enjoyed after the huge run.

Additional thanks for Portuguese Handpump for organising the Saturday Night run which was really appreciated by the visiting runners and local hounds alike. Many people have mentioned what a great night out it was, despite their hangovers! A special thanks to the visiting hashers from Seoul H3, YKHHH, Southside H3 and Taegu H3 who definitely livened up the evening with their song repetoires.

Hares and Cooks needed for Run #401 on July 20th. Please email Snake or call 011-9336-1824.